Discipleship Living Center (DLC)

Freedom Farm’s Discipleship Living Center (DLC) offers men recovering from alcohol and /or drug addiction, who have successfully completed the Safe House and Restoration programs, a safe and challenging environment where they can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Its mission is to lead them to become disciples, enable them to live in the world without drugs, and to eventually be able to pass on to others what they have received.

DLC furthers each man’s spiritual growth in three areas:

  1. In understanding Jesus Christ as he is described and presented in the Bible
  2. In trusting Jesus Christ with all the details of life
  3. And in obeying Jesus Christ in all areas of life.

IMG_2498Founded in September 2006 with, the first DLC location provided a safe place for men to live for a nominal fee. Since that time four additional houses have opened to meet the needs of our ministry. DLC allows men to live in a Christian community, interacting with other men who have had similar experiences. In each house a group of men live and study, pray, cook and clean together under the direction of a “house man” and the DLC Director. The typical length of stay is six to eight months.

Men are assisted in finding responsible employment in the local community.  Men meet weekly to over their budget, pay rent, and get financial coaching to help save money for a fresh start later.  DLC provides spiritual coaching for those who are trying to understand broken relationships in their lives, transportation for those without a driver’s license, and vehicles for those with a license in order to get to and from employment. This program takes all the concepts listed above to continue strengthening the foundation built at the Safe House and Restoration.  Through Christ this foundation should help students grow strong and avoid the mistakes and temptations they experienced in their former lives.

DLC provides students with:

  • Biblical counsel;
  • Individual and group prayer support;
  • Interaction with like-minded men who are growing in Christ;
  • Assistance seeking quality employment;
  • Support with building relationships;
  • Opportunities to work through difficult past experiences;
  • Help in planning for the future and good decision-making;
  • Opportunities to learn new life skills;
  • Scheduling personal daily quiet time of worship, Bible study, and prayer; and
  • A chance to learn and practice true discipleship, how to share Jesus Christ with others.

Freedom CenterDLC encourages responsibility by providing accountability in the areas of:

  • Personal habits and hygiene.
  • Daily scheduling details.
  • House responsibilities.
  • Random drug testing.
  • Personal relationships.
  • Personal finances and tithing.
  • Employer relationship with Freedom Farm whenever possible.


In cooperation with area churches, DLC provides each man with:

  • Numerous opportunities for worship, fellowship and growth.
  • The opportunity to find a Christian mentor, for personal discipleship, encouragement and accountability

Our goal is to build disciples of Jesus Christ who can pass on this hope and strength to others as they return home.