Statement of Purpose

The mission of Freedom Farm Ministry is to seek the restoration of men broken by chemical and/or alcohol addiction to the point of repentance by introducing them to the person and work of Jesus Christ as He is presented and proclaimed and described in the Bible.

Three-Fold Vision

programs2The Safe House  opened in July 2007 as a temporary residence for those coming out of active addiction as they contemplate and are assessed for potential admission into the Christian recovery center. The Safe House provides immediate safety and assistance in getting ready for a Christian recovery program. The program includes daily Bible study and devotions, nutritious meals, and fellowship with other men in similar circumstances. Weekly counseling by trained spiritual counselors is provided.

Located on several acres of remote farm land in Ashe County North Carolina, the Safe House serves an average of ten men with an additional “house man” who supervises the program. While there is no set length of stay, most residents are able to be accepted into a Christian recovery program within four to five weeks of entering the Safe House. Weekly one-on-one counseling is provided.

Christian Recovery Center (Restoration House) – two sites serve six to eight men for a 40-day intensive recovery program.  After completing Safe House, men at Restoration House are involved in Biblical studies, working through five specially designed workbooks which help men “go deep” to search and deal with underlying conditions preventing them from true freedom in Christ.  Men who attend Restoration House are expected to complete DLC for a year’s discipleship program. Pastors lead group studies and provide individual counseling weekly.

IMG_4374Founded in 2006, the Discipleship Living Center (DLC) is a residential center for those who have completed a Christian recovery program and have a genuine desire to continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, through accountability within a structured residential setting, while being employed in the community. Serving an average of seven men at each location, DLC is located near Boone for convenience in obtaining employment. The average length of stay is six to eight months. During their stay the men have daily morning devotions, attend a local church as a group, have three Bible studies weekly, and are involved in independent Bible study. Weekly individual counseling is offered. Men are taught how to manage their money and are expected to pay a minimal weekly fee to cover utilities, telephone, food, and use of vehicles. At the end of their stay it is hoped that each man will have saved sufficient funds to have a fresh start in the world and will have become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, able to share their hope with others in similar bondage.