What God's Done in 2018

Recovery Talk Radio Show

In May, Jim began hosting a radio talk show called Recovery Talk on a local radio station (WATA) and doing Facebook Live videos of each show. It took a couple months for him to find the groove, but the show has become a way for men and women to share their addiction and recovery stories. We hope and pray God will use it to encourage those that hear and watch to continue to seek recovery and a personal relationship with Him.

Jim has hosted many different men and women over the months; some that are Freedom Farm residents and alumni and some from other recovery programs in the area. Below are some of the shows that feature men the Lord brought through Freedom Farm in 2018.

If you'd like to see more of these shows and hear from some of the staff members' stories, check out the entire Recovery Talk Radio archive or the staff member testimonials YouTube playlist.

Lucas Huffstetler and Steven Brigham

Brandon Roig

Scott Hutchens

Cody Willis and Josh Shoemaker

Gene Henry

Chris Harris

Can You Help Men Escape Addiction?

A gift of any size will help us tremendously. We normally have an influx of men looking for help in the first quarter of the year, so we'd like to be as prepared as possible for their arrival.

While men do pay to come to Freedom Farm, the amount they pay only covers about 45% of what it costs to house, feed and transport them.

If you can give before the end of 2018, we have a special gift for you!

A local business has offered to give you a vacation at a resort destination as a way of thanking you for your generosity.

These vacation stays were donated to Freedom Farm as a way to increase year end donations. If you choose to take advantage of one of these amazing destination vacations, it will not cost Freedom Farm any money or reduce the amount of your donation in any way.

Just for donating any amount through the form on this page, you are eligible to claim a vacation of your choice.

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All contributions are tax deductible. Freedom Farm Ministries is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

More About The Vacation

If you donate, it's your choice whether to participate in the vacation incentive or not. Your decision in no way impacts your gift or Freedom Farm Ministries.

What you will be receiving if you participate is a voucher that will cover the cost of your hotel room at any one of the destination resorts in the video below. These rooms typically cost $200 - $600 per night depending on the resort.

In order to redeem your voucher, you will have to pay the sales and tourism tax of approximately $20 per night within 7 days of receiving the voucher.

Once you activate the voucher by paying those fees, you will have 18 months to travel.

Once at the resort, you will also have to pay the standard resort fee, which varies by destination, but typically run $10-$20 per night; although the Las Vegas resort fee can run as high as $38 per night.

You are not required to attend a timeshare presentation to take advantage of this offer.

When you call to activate your voucher, you will be offered the ability to upgrade your trip. If you choose to do this, you may be required to attend a presentation, however. Whether you to choose to upgrade is completely up to you and you will not be pressured. The savings you will be offered can be substantial, though.

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All contributions are tax deductible. Freedom Farm Ministries is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Freedom AutoTec

In June, we opened Freedom AutoTec, which is an auto repair shop located at 2480 US-421 in Boone.

The shop offers most automotive repairs including brakes, electrical, engine, tires and general maintenance at competitive rates. All work is performed either by a professional mechanic or by Freedom Farm residents under the direct supervision of the professional mechanic.

The executive board identified three goals when they decided to pursue this endeavor:

  1. To serve the men of Freedom Farm better by giving those with the aptitude or prior life experience a way to serve the ministry, serve the community and develop life skills that will help them find better employment after the leave us.

  2. To serve the community by offering quality auto repairs at a reasonable cost to the public and working closely with area churches to offer discounted services to people in need that have been vetted by a church or other community organization.

  3. To serve Freedom Farm by providing a new revenue stream for the ministry.
boone auto repair
front of Freedom AutoTec
Freedom AutoTec Inside
Freedom AutoTec auto repair

Community Outreach

Starting in September, Jim felt the Lord laying on his heart to begin reaching out to the churches, recovery centers and community service organizations around the state in an effort to network, raise visibility for Freedom Farm and learn what other resources are available for us to refer people to for help.

This is the first time since Jim took over the ministry that he's been able to have the time available to do this type of outreach. God has brought a number of permanent and support staff members to the ministry throughout late 2017 and 2018 that have enabled Jim to step away from some of his day-to-day teaching and counseling roles and into more outward-facing, strategic roles.

He has been focusing on the counties around Boone for the last couple months and has visited a number of churches and pastors in person as well as talked with many more on the phone. He plans to continue working county by county around the state as long as God provides the funds to travel and the people to talk to.

If you have connections with people or organizations you think Jim might want to speak with, please send us a message from our contact page or call the office at (828) 202-5907.

The Septic Nightmare

Late last year, we were served a notice by the county environmental engineers that we had to stop using the septic system on our property at 3109 and 3129 Hwy 421 in Boone. It seems that the leach field for the system is improperly installed and was leaking sewage into a creek that runs along the back of the property.

After many months of going back and forth with the county, an environmental engineering company and others, we still have no resolution, unfortunately. Because of how the property is shaped, the creek, required offsets from a springhead and the condition of the soil, we cannot simply dig up the old system and replace it with a new system.

The impact to the ministry has been substantial, though. The two buildings the septic services are the main office for the ministry and one of the mobile homes we use to house men during the third phase of the program (Discipleship Living Center). Since early Summer, we have been unable to use the house - which used to hold up to 8 men. In addition, everyone using the main building has had to use a portable toilet since we've had no running water.

Currently, we don't know what the outcome of the situation will be, but our options are becoming more and more limited. And none of the options include being able to start using that mobile home again, unfortunately.

We would covet your prayers that God would move miraculously in the situation to bring a resolution that none of us can foresee right now.

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All contributions are tax deductible. Freedom Farm Ministries is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Personnel Updates

Jim and LV welcomed James Peter Quigley III into the world on September 19. JP as he's called is healthy, growing fast and being well taken care of by his big sister, Phoebe.

James Hester, who runs the Safehouse and teaches several classes during Restoration will be getting married soon!

We don't know exactly when yet, but as soon as he and the bride-to-be finish their pre-marital counseling, they plan to be wed in a small, private ceremony.

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All contributions are tax deductible. Freedom Farm Ministries is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.