barn in fallStep 1: Read the website through completely and understand this is a year-long program and has costs. All program costs are listed below. We do not offer any scholarships or accept any federal or state aide or insurance of any kind.

Step 2 : Fill out the application by clicking on the button below. A financial sponsor is required in order to complete the application process. Our application has three parts and is not considered complete until all three parts are completed successfully. Sponsors are normally either family or friends and Freedom Farm Ministries does not have any financial aid or scholarships available.

Step 3: We will review your application and call you for a phone interview either the same day we receive your application or the following business day. We only do phone interviews Monday – Friday.

Freedom Farm Ministries does not have a waiting list. If you are approved, you can enter within 1- 2 days.

How much does Freedom Farm cost?

Immediately upon arrival, Freedom Farm will charge the resident’s financial sponsor $1,000 to cover the first week of residency as well as administrative costs. This fee is not refundable under any circumstances and will not be charged until the resident has checked in at Freedom Farm Ministries.


Beginning 7 days after arrival, the resident’s financial sponsor will be charged $285 per week. This fee covers the resident’s room, board and transportation. It does not cover spending money, however. Here is how spending money works.


Once the resident enters Phase 3 of the program, the weekly cost will drop to $175 per week. The cost will remain at $175 per week for the remainder of the 1 year program. Should the resident choose to stay longer than 1 year, Freedom Farm may raise the weekly fee. On average, it takes residents 3 to 4 months to get to Phase 3.