Restoration House

Thirty miles from Boone NC, there are 18 acres of beautiful rolling mountains with trout stream and several springs. This serene location is the site of the Restoration House.

The goal at Restoration House is to present the Lord Jesus Christ as personal savior – the only one who can free men of their bondage to addiction. As God does His wonderful miracle of salvation, staff will endeavor to lead each man into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Men spend 40 days in a regimented and pure environment.  Their days consist of reading and writing assignments; self-study and reflection; daily devotions; group classes and helping with activities at a local church.

No TV or tobacco products and very little time away from the cabin allow men to concentrate on their past, present, and future.Restoration House 1

Restoration House offers an intense recovery program geared to each individual man.  Working through specific text and curriculum designed to better understand the pure gospel and “go deep”, men here search out and deal with underlying conditions preventing them from the true freedom found in Christ.

Men who complete Restoration successfully will be welcomed to move onto the third stage of the program, DLC (Discipleship Living Center) where they will complete the year’s discipleship program.