Restoration House Destroyed by Fire

Friday evening while the men were attending a prayer meeting in Boone, fire destroyed the Restoration House completed in 2010. Read our Burnt Offering newsletter for the details and find out how to help meet the needs of the men and ministry as God provides for “restoring” Restoration House. Give Online here.

  1. Rev. Wendy Bishop Reply

    Please tell me Restoration House has been rebuilt. I saw no recent blog entries. I am praying this ministry is still helping men to learn to live following Christ.

    • Andrew Shotwell Reply

      Hi Wendy, Yes! By the grace of God the restoration house has been rebuilt. Pictures of the new house will be popping up on the website very soon.
      Thanks!, Andrew

  2. Joanne .... Reply

    Still looking forward pictures or any updates etc. People seem interested to give or even help with scholarships ?? Maybe this isnt the primary site to channel things ?? Maybe help in this area is needed ….. God bless all who help now and who have ever helped this ministry !!!!! Never felt closer to God anywhere other than with this ministry !!!!!!

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