Safe House

Bible study at the Safe House

Bible study at the Safe House

Opened in 2007, the Safe House is the entry point for our ministry.  The Safe House provides immediate shelter and assistance to men wanting to break free of the bondage of  active addiction. Here they are helped to get back on their feet physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Set in rural Ashe County on a 36 acre farm, the Safe House provides nurture and love for men often in physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

The Safe House resident program includes daily devotions, Bible study, fellowship with men of similar circumstance, and nutritious meals.

During the week, light work is scheduled based on the individual’s skill set, ability, and health. This work helps restore work ethic, feelings of accomplishment, and a sense of service to the Lord.

HPIM0971Weekly individual coaching and mentoring is provided.  Men at the Safe House will be regularly attending church and doing light work as a group for 4 to 5 hours each day.

Assistance is provided with obtaining letters for court and probation issues i f needed.

The minimum stay at the Safe House is 30 days, but most men stay here for 45 – 90 days before moving into the Restoration House.

Men must be very serious, have come to the end of themselves, and be ready for God to free them from the bondage of addiction in order to succeed at the Safe House.