December 2016  "I was high on Christ, and had all of the wonderful feelings a new believer has when they accept Christ into their life.” “I honestly know Freedom Farm Ministry is where God wanted me.”  -Chris Harris                                     Click HERE for more of Chris' testimony
We are so thankful for your huge investment in our son's life. Just last week as he was talking about the immatur 18yr olds he works with - how lazy and spoiled they are - he commented, 'Thanks, Mom, for sending me to a place like Freedom Farm - they were really good for me'
I came to Freedom Farm in 2012. At the time of my intake I was here for all the wrong reasons. I had mainly come to give my grandmother rest and peace, and I knew I could us a break from the fast life I lived. A lot has changed since that first day and now. Not only has my grandmother found rest and peace by my being at Freedom Farm, but I've found rest and peace..true rest and peace.
Thank you for being here for my son. We appreciate all you have done and continue to do for him and us - his family.
I want to begin by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me into you family. That's what I think of this ministry - not a "rehab". This is a huge family full of love and support.