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The mission of Freedom Farm Ministries is to offer restoration through the transforming power of Jesus Christ to men who are broken by substance addiction. The is done through a 1 year, three phase program.

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Step 1: Read the website through completely and understand this is a year-long program and costs...

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I came to Freedom Farm in 2012. At the time of my intake I was here for all the wrong reasons.

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About Us

Freedom Farm Ministries began in 2006 from a God-given vision of providing men a way out of the bondage of alcohol and drug addiction through the Person and Power of Jesus Christ.

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Freedom Farm Ministries began in 2006 from a God-given vision of providing men a way out of the bondage of alcohol and drug addiction through the Person and Power of Jesus Christ. We firmly believe the only way for men to succeed in rehabilitation treatment is to accept the free gift of His transforming, redemptive power into their lives.

After acceptance into the program, men can enter the Safe House almost immediately. We have no waiting list for our year-long rehab program. The Safe House allows men to get off the street and out of the environment that encourages their addiction.

After spending at least 30 days in the Safe House, a group of 6 – 8 men will enter the second phase of our program together, called Restoration. This small group then goes through a 40-day curriculum program that introduces them to Christ and a Gospel-centered decision making process they can use to navigate life. This time also encourages them to bond together as a group and build lifelong friendships.

Once the group finishes the Restoration phase, they will move out of the relative isolation of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and into Boone where they will enter the Discipleship Living Center (DLC) for the third and final phase of our christian drug and alcohol rehab treatment program. While at the DLC, men are required to get employment in the local community and maintain a schedule of weekly group events and individual counseling sessions.

Freedom Farm Ministries rehab treatment is a year-long commitment. Our experience has proven that the longer men stay in the program, the more stable their faith and their lives are once they decide to leave. Those men that stay for the entire year are much less likely to relapse than those that choose to leave early.

Just like the early church, Freedom Farm Ministries is a community where openness and honesty are valued, sharing is practiced, and study of Scripture forms the basis for decisions – individually and collectively. If you’re looking for a way out of your drug or alcohol addiction, we pray you will accept Christ’s offer of redemption transformation.

boone uto repair

We have opened an auto shop in Boone to serve the community, raise money for the ministry and provide a career for a few guys going through the program. Please stop by and say hi!

Welcome Video

Listen to a few men from the Freedom Farm community share their experience:

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