2019 Year-End Report

freedom farm ministries sign
freedom farm ministries sign

What God's Done in 2019

The Gospel Was Preached to 78 Men

Throughout 2019, God brought 78 men to Freedom Farm and every single one of them was preached the Gospel message and told how valuable they are to our creator.

This number includes all the guys that started the program in 2018 and left at some point in 2019 as well as those that arrived in 2019.

We base our public success rate on the number of men that complete 365 days with us, which was only 7 (or 13%) this year. But our internal success rate is measured by the number of men that are exposed to God's salvation message and that rate was 100%

Thrift Store Passes $1 Million in Revenue

In mid-December, we passed a momentous mark at the Thrift Store!

After 6 1/2 years of operation, the store surpassed the $1 million dollar revenue mark. Since 100% of the items sold at the store are donated from Boone-area residents, that means the vast majority of that $1 million dollars flowed directly into the ministry to help us spread the gospel to men in addiction.

We'd like to thank all the people from Boone and the surrounding area that have donated items over the years. We wouldn't be able to keep the thrift store open without your faithful donations. We'd also like to thank all of our faithful shoppers...we enjoy getting to know you and look forward to seeing you again.


Video by Arthur Rasco

A very important part of the Thrift Store operation is our delivery truck - affectionately named Workhorse Bertha. Unfortunately, she is on her last legs and we'd really like to replace her with a new, more fuel-efficient and maneuverable delivery truck, but that truck would set us back about $20,000. So if you could give a year-end donation to help us retire Bertha, we'd appreciate it.

Donate Now to Help Retire Bertha

Recovery Talk and Beyond Sobriety

In May 2018, Jim began hosting a radio talk show called Recovery Talk on a local radio station (WATA) and doing Facebook Live videos of each show.  He hosted many different men and women over the months; some Freedom Farm residents and alumni and some from other recovery programs in the area. Below are some of the shows that feature men the Lord brought through Freedom Farm in 2019.

If you'd like to see more of these shows and hear from some of the staff members' stories, check out the entire Recovery Talk Radio archive or the staff member testimonials YouTube playlist.

Wilson Kennedy

Jim's Mom

The Last Radio Show

In November this year, we decided to stop doing the radio show and turn it into a podcast instead. This allows us more flexibility because Jim no longer has to be at the radio station on Thursday at 10:30 and we can even do shows 'on location' as well. We've settled on Friday afternoon at 3pm for the new Facebook live portion of the podcast, but the edited shows are also available on the Beyond Sobriety website or YouTube channel.

The format of the shows is a little different...Todd Temaat is now doing the production...we'd love your feedback and ideas for show topics.


Our First Show!


A Lapse Does Not Have to Become a Relapse


Success Rates Can't Be Trusted

boone auto repair

In June 2018, we opened Freedom AutoTec, which is an auto repair shop located at 2480 US-421 in Boone.

The shop offers most automotive repairs including brakes, electrical, engine, tires and general maintenance at competitive rates. Come in, check us out and get your oil changed for just $30!

As with most startup businesses, there were some lean months in the first year...months where the ministry had to help fund the business instead of the other way around. But God has been faithful and we are now consistently in the black every month.

front of Freedom AutoTec
Freedom AutoTec Inside
Freedom AutoTec auto repair

New Promotional Video

Our new promotional video was just completed this month and we unveiled it on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Arthur Rasco, a great friend of the ministry, did an absolutely amazing job of capturing exactly what we want those trapped in addiction to hear and see...you don't have to stay trapped where they are; there is hope and a transformed life available only through Jesus Christ.


Donate Now

While this video and the Thrift Store video above have both already been paid for, your donation today would help offset their $2,800 cost.

The Septic Nightmare

In late 2017, we were served a notice by the county environmental engineers that we had to stop using the septic system on our property at 3109 and 3129 Hwy 421 in Boone. The leach field for the system is improperly installed and was leaking sewage into a creek that runs along the back of the property.

After many months of going back and forth with the county, an environmental engineering company and others, we finally got a new system installed in May this year!

And - best of all - God provided all the money we needed to completely pay for all the work! We want to say thank you to everyone that gave to help us reach our goal. Because of you, one of the houses men stay in during the third phase of the program is running at full capacity and our office staff no longer has to use a porta john. 

Firewood Sales

As you may know, Freedom Farm sells firewood.

We'll deliver a full cord of wood anywhere in Boone or much of the surrounding area and we'll even stack it wherever you'd like us to put it on your property for no extra charge. If you need firewood or know someone that does, just call Steve at the Thrift Store (828-386-6200) and he'll get you scheduled.

firewood sales
boone firewood

Help Us QUADRUPLE Your Donation!

A load of firewood costs us about $800 and we can sell it for about $3,200! Could you donate enough to buy a load or a half-load of wood?

Any amount would be helpful!

Personnel Updates

We are going back to school...as a ministry!

Over the second half of the year, Jim Quigley, James Hester, Wilson Kennedy, Todd Temaat and Danny Henley have all began pursuing Biblical counseling certifications from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

Jim, James, Wilson and Danny are also pursuing an addiction-specific counseling certificate from The Addiction Connection.

In addition to these certificate programs, Jim has started pursuing a Masters in Biblical Counseling from The Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte. He started classes in August and will continue for the next 3 to 4 years.

Todd is planning to begin a Masters in Biblical Exposition from Liberty University in January. He should complete the program in May 2021.

back to school