Freedom Farm Ministries – History

Cross on the hill at Safe House

Founded in 2006 by Robbie Collie and his wife Rita, Freedom Farm Ministries was a direct result of a life and heart changed by the peace which true release from addiction provides.

As admissions director at another Christian ministry, Robbie became aware that many men relapsed or died waiting for an opening in a recovery program. Also, follow-up calls of graduates indicated a need for a longer term program—a transitional setting allowing men to successfully reorient to the world of work, family responsibilities, and life in general. Many men were leaving a successful recovery program where they experienced the saving grace of Christ; entering situations where they had no job, no money, no driver’s license, and little or no family support. Something more was needed.

In September 2006, Freedom Farm Ministries began with three men in a recently renovated double-wide. Now Freedom Farm houses up to 45 men in six locations with three unique program phases. Freedom Farm is a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry serving men by helping them grow in a life centered in Jesus Christ. Hundreds of men have already received that new life, and many have renewed health, renewed reputations and been reunited with family. Most importantly, these men have gained a new or restored faith through repentance and belief in our savior Jesus Christ.